“Politics is the art of looking for trouble.”

2 min readMay 8, 2021


How we covered Senedd 2021 and what we can do next.

So the dust is settling on the Senedd election and Hiraeth towers will be musing on things a little later.

We hope you like what we did in the past year leading up to this election. We have tried to be fair and open across the political spectrum with guests from all parties and policies and issues discussed from Wales and wider afield.

We at Hiraeth (Richard @Mimosacymru, Ceri @Ceritheviking and Matt @Hexter101) are all politically separate but work together to widen civic discourse and debate in Wales, something the the results out yesterday shows we need more of.

And yes we didn’t give a platform to Abolish, UKIP or other abolitionist groups and we make no bones about that. Civic Wales is more than the Senedd but if you don’t want that we don’t want you and yesterday’s results seem to create the impression that Wales agrees with us.

The pandemic halted a few of our plans and we plan to have events and discussions when we can, but we also want Wales involved. Let us know what has worked, what hasn’t, what you’d like to see and hear. We are planning our autumn programmes now so please let us know where you think we should focus.

We also know we are not perfect. We are white, male and Welsh and we recognise that lack of diversity and try with our guests to address it. We are always looking to hear from new and diverse voices here so if you want to write with us, talk with us drop us a line.

We also want to thank all our guests in the last year who have either been re-elected or elected to the Senedd for the first time including Luke Fletcher, Sarah Murphy, James Evans, Mike Hedges, Delyth Jewell, Lee Waters, Jeremy Miles, Mick Antoniw, Jane Dodds, Hefin David, Adam Price, Andrew R.T. Davies and Mark Drakeford.